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Did you know the cost of accident prevention is usually much lower than what accidents can ultimately cost a business? This is one reason tens of thousands of businesses every year take advantage of OSHA’s workplace safety program. If your job site has health and safety issues (or even if it doesn’t), learn what this free government program can do for you.

How it Works

OSHA consultants from state agencies and universities will work with you to identify workplace hazards, like code violations, to put you in compliance with federal safety standards. The government agency suggests you sign up for a total review, but it is possible to request that the visit be confined to one or more specific issues.

Regardless of your business’ situation, there is no need to worry that participation will get you in trouble. OSHA’s workplace safety program is separate from its enforcement division.

  • Most consultations are on-site
  • Priority goes to high-hazard workplaces
  • Issues identified are not reported to OSHA
  • Consultations are strictly confidential
  • You must first consent to correct job safety and health hazards

Participation may qualify your business for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections.

How it Benefits Workplace Safety

OSHA’s free program is popular, because it is known to protect workers and strengthen small businesses.

workplace safety

Workplace Benefits

  • Recognizes and removes hazards
  • Protects workers from injury and illness
  • Prevents loss of life
  • Educates employees

Management Benefits

  • Helps you comply with government safety and health requirements
  • Increases managerial efficiency
  • Improves productivity

Business Benefits

The On-Site Visit

You can schedule an on-site OSHA consultation that fits into your work schedule. The government agency provides expert health and safety advice at a cost that can’t be beat.

workplace safety

OSHA Consultants Will

  • Help recognize workplace safety issues
  • Give a written report that summarizes findings
  • Suggest approaches, options and solutions
  • Offer training and education
  • Help develop or maintain an injury and illness prevention program
  • Identify sources of further assistance

OSHA Consultants Will Never

  • Issue citations
  • Propose penalties for violations
  • Report possible violations to their enforcement staff
  • Guarantee your workplace will pass an OSHA inspection

Since these consultations are entirely voluntary, you must submit a request first. Locate your local point of contact on OSHA’s Consultation Directory and sign up today.

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