workplace distractions
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With heavy, dangerous machinery at every turn, contractors can’t afford to lose their focus at a job site. It can be challenging to concentrate on tasks while standing near something as loud as a cement mixer. If workplace distractions are slowing you down, use these tips to become more productive.

5 Ways to Avoid Workplace Distractions

1)      Turn off your Cell Phone

Cell phones are the epitome of a workplace distraction.

Although they are a good way to kill time, smartphone use also diverts workers, such as carpenters and electricians, attention on a job site. For example, workers may concentrate their efforts on writing a Facebook post rather than focusing on safety or protocol.

While cell phones may be necessary in case of emergency, limiting or prohibiting their use at work has become a popular policy today.

2)      Use Earplugs

A job site is a place where workers can expect distractions. The sounds alone have the potential to rattle anyone.

To keep focused, many crew members wear ear plugs that filter out distracting noises.

Headphones, however can be dangerous because workers may miss warning signals or safety instructions.

3)      Work a Safe Distance from Machinery

In construction, the very same machines that are critical to completing the job can take away from a crew’s overall work product.

If they are loud and close-by, even common construction machines, like a buzz saw or a drill, have the potential to distract.

Workers who aren’t operating the machinery should work a safe distance away. This strategy will reduce stress and improve productivity.

If possible, avoid working next to these areas:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Electrical circuits
  • Walkways
  • Gathering places

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4)      Clean your Workspace

There’s more than one reason to keep a job site organized. A tidy workspace does wonders for efficiency, but it is also effective at reducing workplace distractions.

For example, if you have the morning paper, coffee cups and yesterday’s tools lying around, clear thinking is much more difficult at any time of day or night.

A clean workspace can also lead to fewer accidents.

5)      Fuel your Body Right

Aside from external workplace distractions like noise, workers should be aware of how their own habits impact their concentration. Those who report to work hungry or tired may have difficulty avoiding construction mistakes while operating heavy machinery.

Since there can be no argument that a construction site is one place where workers need their full attention at all times, try practicing these five tips today.
workplace distractions