workers compensation insurance
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Because injuries are a part of the job, every contracting business needs to have a strategy to handle Workers Compensation insurance claims. From workplace wellness programs to return to work initiatives, these five tips are geared to help you limit potential costs.

How to Develop a Workers Compensation Insurance Program

workers compensation insurance

1)      Establish Program Coordination

A strategic Workers Compensation initiative performs best when you appoint a qualified person to coordinate the program. This individual can then focus on managing claims and reducing your organization’s costs.

The program coordinator could also be put in charge of important tasks like distributing “rights and responsibilities” manuals to injured employees. This action will remind your employees that the worker’s comp process is connected to your company as well.

2)      Communicate with Out-of-Work Employees

Even though you may not see injured employees every day, it’s best not to cut off communication.

Instead, set up a weekly chat. A short phone call can be an effective way to remain in the loop and identify any problems while your workers are healing. By having regular conversations, you can increase the chances of your employees returning to work more quickly.

workers compensation insurance

3)      Help Employees Get and Stay Healthy

Workplace wellness programs are another effective method for driving down Workers Compensation insurance costs. In fact, non-work-related health issues can directly increase the risk of on-the-job injuries.

3 Strategies to Encourage Health and Wellness

  • Recommend regular personal health screenings
  • Distribute safety, health and nutrition materials
  • Offer incentives to employees who reach health-related goals

4)      Build a Culture of Safety

Your business can minimize the risk of the types of accidents that lead to Workers Compensation insurance claims by creating a culture of safety. To be fully effective, the program will need full company participation.

Today, many contracting businesses create a safety committee, which can help implement policies and make recommendations about changes that can reduce the risk of injury. This type of oversight can help to focus company-wide efforts to improve safety.

workers compensation insurance

5)      Create a Return to Work Program

Not every workers comp claim is the same. It’s hard to tell how long an employee may be out of work or how healthy they will be when they return.

Some employers today establish a protocol that transitions injured workers back to full employment. A return to work program provides transitional duty in which an employee can return to work according to restrictions from a physician. By reducing employees’ time out of work, your company can cut down its workers comp costs.

Workers Compensation insurance costs can add up to big money. But, with the right strategy, you can limit these expenses and improve your business’ profit margin.

workers compensation insurance