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If you run a contracting business, like plumbing or painting, your job can sometimes throw your work life balance out-of-whack. But, it’s more than possible to bring yourself back from the brink. By developing strategies to manage the situation, you can easily balance your personal and professional life.

5 Ways to Improve your Work Life Balance

1)      Delegate

Being a contractor isn’t easy. It often seems like there is never enough time to complete every task. Unless you are a one-man shop, you must realize you can run yourself into the ground by trying to do everything yourself.

Contractors can’t be afraid to delegate. For example, if someone on your team excels at customer relations, let them take over some of your duties.

work life balance

2)      Set Aside “Office Hours”

When you are running a contracting business, the workdays tend to fly by. You often don’t have time in the day to give your full attention to questions or concerns from your employees or clients.

If this sounds familiar, you may be trying to do too much at once. Instead, you could establish regular office hours when you can be available to handle any outstanding business issues.

3)      Learn to Say “No”

Contractors are known to be tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to handle every job. Sometimes, the smarter play is to just say no. You can start to decrease your stress level by placing limits on employee and client demands. If you can prioritize which demands are most worthy of your time and attention, a healthy work life balance will follow.

work life balance

4)      Take Advantage of Technology

Today, even contractors benefit from taking advantage of all technology has to offer. Hi-tech gadgets, like smartphones and laptops, have many features that can save you time and effort.

For example, if you put your schedule in an online calendar, you can receive reminders of appointments while you are out at the job site.

Technology can also be useful for helping to balance your personal and work lives. You could even synch your personal and work calendars to ensure you never miss important family moments.

5)      Enjoy Down Time

Contractors who burn out often have an unhealthy work life balance. They are the type that brings work home and never takes a vacation. Without down time, contractors’ personal and professional lives can suffer.

Rather than leading an unbalanced life, it’s smart to try to leave work at work. You need your nights and weekends to rest and recuperate.

While there’s nothing wrong with hard work, learning to balance all aspects of your life will lead to a longer, more fruitful career.

work life balance