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There is nothing worse than frozen pipes. They are difficult and costly to repair. But, thankfully, they are also easy to prevent. This winter, pass along these plumbing tips to your clients to prevent a major problem before it strikes.

7 Cold Weather Plumbing Tips

plumbing tips

Regardless of how cold it gets, it’s possible to stop frozen pipes in their tracks for a fraction of the cost of repair. By following these steps, plumbers can avoid dealing with a tricky winter issue.

1)      Exercise your faucets

Since pipes tend to freeze when they aren’t used at all, run the water at least a little bit from time to time.

If a house or building is unoccupied at any time during the winter, ask someone trustworthy to stop by to exercise the faucets.

2)      Don’t turn off the heat when you’re gone

The temperature of a home or building can also play a role in whether pipes freeze or not. This is especially true when a structure is empty.

To prevent freezing pipes, it’s recommended that the thermostat not fall below 55° F.

3)      Turn off outdoor faucets

Turning off outdoor faucets is another effective preventive measure for winterizing a house or building.

Other winter plumbing tips include:

  • Remove and drain outdoor hoses
  • Leave the outside valve open

4)      Leave cabinet doors open

Leaving cabinet doors open is another good way to keep pipes warm. This strategy allows warmer air to circulate around pipes that would normally be tucked away or perhaps near a cold exterior wall.

plumbing tips

5)      Insulate all pipes

Insulating pipes is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to prevent them from freezing in cold weather.

While insulating all pipes is recommended, don’t forget the pipes in the following areas that are most vulnerable to freezing:

  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements
  • Garages

6)      Locate your shut off valve

Even after taking plenty of precautions, it helps to be prepared for an emergency before it happens.

To prevent a bad situation from becoming much worse, know where the water shut off valve is located.

7)      Maintain your plumbing system year round

Practicing proper maintenance year round is the most important of all plumbing tips to remember. Little warning signs like a leak could be an indication that a pipe is in jeopardy of bursting.

What if a pipe is frozen?

If a pipe does freeze, shut off the water first. Then, call a professional plumber.

plumbing tips