winter construction
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If you are a true contractor, there’s no off-season. You sweat through the heat of August and shiver through January winter construction. Regardless of the conditions, you’ve got a job to do.

While working outside in cold weather is never easy, there are many effective ways to keep warm.

5 Essential Winter Construction Tips

winter construction

1.      Wear multiple layers

The key to dressing in cold weather is wearing layers. You will always remain warmer when wearing multiple garments rather than a bulky sweater.

If you are working outside in the thick of winter, layer your clothes this way:

  • A base layer
  • An insulating layer
  • An outer protection layer

2.      Mittens or gloves?

While gloves are more popular, mittens can be a real difference-maker in extreme temperatures. Mittens allow fingers to touch each other, which helps keep extremities warmer.

3.      Warm up before workingwinter construction

In winter, the cold weather may make you forget about stretching before you get down to business. This is a common mistake that can hurt job performance. Winter’s chilly winds frequently cause muscle stiffness that could potentially lead to work-related injury.

4.      Leave coffee and cigarettes at home

We all know contractors enjoy their morning coffee or maybe even a smoke break, but these two activities increase your heart rate and may cause your blood vessels to contract. The result is that you may feel colder during winter construction.

5.      Always salt or sand the walkways

Slips and falls occur frequently at job sites, but they don’t have to.  With preparation, injuries can be avoided. Salting or sanding walkways and areas around machinery is a smart way to keep employees off worker’s compensation.

If you work outside, the winter can be long and cold.  But, it is possible to remain warm and productive. Before the next sub-zero day arrives, test out these five tips to survive winter construction.
winter construction