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Most Contractors Start With Kitchen Renovations.

Most Contractors Start With Kitchen Renovations.

Every year the number of search terms through which people find contractors online widens.  There is one key word that outshines them all with respect to renovation – kitchen.  Contractors must understand the reason why; it could be the source of their success.  According to some sources, the word “kitchen” connects homeowners with contractors 44% of the time.  This percentage equates to an astonishing 850,000 searches.

While, the simple mathematical facts are easy to see, they are less easily understood.  In an interview with one contractor it was stated that, “The kitchen is an essential room and people take pride in making sure it’s stunning.” Others have mentioned the fact that most paperwork when purchasing a home is also done in the kitchen.  The number one reason why contractors are contacted is because homeowners feel that their kitchen is no longer “in style”.

This perspective is actually contrary to the benefits of other home renovations.  The kitchen may be the trophy of each homeowner but contractors often wonder why people aren’t searching for ways to increase value of their homes.  One contractor spoke out against this influx of kitchen renovations.  His point of view makes perfect sense too, arguing that most people will update kitchens more than once instead of focusing on areas of the home which have not been renovated in a long time.  “Kitchens are frequently updated and may not be an indicator of the overall health and efficiency of a home,” stated Nick Rudnicki of Rude Works.

One area of focus often neglected is electrical components as well as windows.  Both pose major risks the price of insurance premiums.  Additionally, new windows can reduce the cost of heating and cooling during summer and winter months.  Before deciding on a kitchen renovation it would be smart to check for mold or water damage around the house, and most people don’t.  We realize the importance of having a clean kitchen but sometimes there are more important issues to address.  Most general contractors can handle more than just kitchen renovations, so before you go renovating the kitchen, be sure to consult an licensed professional to find out whether or not your home has more pressing concerns.

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