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Covered by Workers Compensation Law

If you happen to be a contractor in NY, then you may already know that almost every employer the state is required to provide workers comp coverage for their employees.  In addition to providing this insurance coverage they must also place a notice of it in the workplace where it is readily available and visible.  Listed below are the different types of employees who must be covered under the workers compensation insurance law.  Follow this law to ensure that the right people are covered by workers compensation law.

  • All workers who perform work in an organization that is for-profit.  Part-Time workers, Family Members, and Volunteers who do work in the for-profit organization must also be covered by workers comp law.
  • All employees who work in counties doing work which is considered hazardous.
  • All public school teachers except those employed by NYC as well as Public School Aides.
  • Employees who work in the state of NY including volunteers.
  • Employees working in the US that work 40 or more hours in a week by the same boss.  This also includes full time sitters and live-in maids.
  • All farm workers who make more than 1,200 dollars or more for farm labor within one year.
  • Anyone not excluded from the WCL documentation.
  • Corporate officers, just as long as there are two or more officers and or stockholders.
  • Officers of a two person corporation – just as long as there are other employees
  • Most workers who are compensated by nonprofit organizations.

For those employees that are volunteering their time, and their lives, such as firefighters and ambulance workers, benefits are provided under the Firefighters Benefit Law and Volunteer Ambulance Workers Benefit Law.  It’s important to know who covered by the workers compensation law is.  Failure to provide the proper coverage puts your organization at risk for claim against it.  If you are still unsure as to whether your company has the proper coverage or not, contact our insurance specialists today.

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