what is modular construction
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What is modular construction? Modular construction, also called modular building, involves constructing a building off-site using prefabricated materials. Such buildings are usually made up of set blocks called modules that fit together to create an integrated whole. This type of construction can be completed in about half the time of conventional construction, and typically occurs indoors. The materials and workers are protected from the weather and many unforeseen events, such as theft. This can lower costs overall. Units built through this process are strong and durable. Here are five advantages of modular construction.

What is Modular Construction and its Benefits?

#1: Customizable styles

Modular buildings used to be “one size fits all.” That’s changed as the industry has caught up to offer sustainable designs in a variety of styles. Modular construction can utilize locally-sourced materials and be environmentally friendly.

#2: Creates permanent buildings

In the past, when people asked, “What is modular construction?” they thought production only resulted in small, portable buildings. The process can now be used to create permanent structures that fit a range of needs, from fire-watch towers and medical complexes to 20-story apartment blocks.

what is modular construction

#3: Reduces Landfill Waste

Modular construction can involve additional storage and shipping costs. This makes modular construction prohibitive for some markets, yet it can reduce the amount of construction and demolition waste. Modular construction is usually done inside, which means there is less chance that weather, crime and other unforeseen disasters cause a loss of building materials or result in insurance claims.

#4: Could Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

Modular buildings can be placed in traditional developments as well as urban lots that are too small for conventional housing. They have the potential to create new living and office space on discounted land. They can be designed to offer all the amenities of expensive condo units, such as smart home tech and custom furnishings.

what is modular construction

#5: Quicker project completion

The time needed to complete a construction project depends on the size and scope of the project. The completion date is also related to whether the client wants to customize the unit or make significant changes to the design. Generally, modular construction can result in much quicker completion than a conventional build. For example, modular construction of shipping container offices can result in installation in a few weeks.

Modular construction is an ever-changing process with many recent improvements. When your client asks, “What is modular construction?” consider explaining the five advantages stated here to them. That will help them weigh the pros and cons so they can make an informed choice.

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