Inland Marine Insurance
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Inland marine insurance may be one of the more confusing titles for programs that we offer. If you think about it for a while you may be able to come up with solutions that range from insuring a boat to flood insurance (we’ll leave out some of the more obscure ones that we’ve heard). Unfortunately, neither of those assumptions are correct and since so many people have come up with so many different answers we figured it would be prudent for us to clear the air. Who knows, it could be the insurance policy you were looking for.

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

No, inland marine insurance is not a new insurance policy drawn up by insurance companies to get more money out of you. In fact, it has been around almost as long as commercial shipping has been around. Long before cars, trucks and trains were suitable means of transportation merchants were navigating the waterways to distribute goods and services. To minimize the risk of losing their products to thieves’ merchants were often insured and, as time went on, these policies became more and more intricate.

With the advent of the transcontinental railroad and the modern automobile transportation over land became easier thereby lessening the strain on America’s waterways. Roads, railways and airports made it easier to move goods across the country but it came with one major problem. How does one protect goods that are in transit over land?

Inland marine insurance covers property that is moving from point A, to point B and maybe even to point C. It will cover all of your expensive materials, equipment and supplies as you move from job site to job site so you can just focus on getting yourself there instead of having to worry about your supplies making the trip.

Who Needs Inland Marine Insurance?

Any contractor who is constantly moving materials or equipment from place to place (no matter the distance) should consider adding an inland marine insurance policy to your insurance portfolio. The last thing you want on a job is to spend money on either materials or equipment and then have to buy them again if they arrive in disrepair. There are plans available for independent contractors, small businesses and multi-billion dollar businesses because you should always be able to insure the supplies that act as the foundation of your business.

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