What is HVAC?
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Have you ever heard someone talking about HVAC systems and thought to yourself, “What is HVAC?” There’s nothing worse than not being comfortable in your own home. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are important for ensuring that you and your family are comfortable all year round, through the bitter, cold winter months to the hot, sticky summer months. The words that HVAC stand for are easy enough to figure out, but what exactly falls under the classification of HVAC, and what are the benefits of having such a system in your home?

Technically, HVAC is a broad enough term that it can cover something as basic as a window-unit to something as complex as a central heating and cooling system. Usually, though, HVAC systems are considered those that heat and cool an entire home, not just small areas. These systems have a number of components, the largest being the outdoor unit. There is an indoor unit as well, which is where the blowers that circulate the air around your house and the filtration system are located. Additionally, there is often an intricate duct system in place for HVAC systems, which are necessary for making sure all of the rooms in your house are temperature controlled. Due to the unsightly nature of this ductwork, it’s stored either beneath the home or in the attic.

There are several types of HVAC systems. When installing an HVAC system, homeowners have the choice between a heating and air conditioning split system, which runs an air conditioner and a furnace separately; a hybrid heat split system, which is more energy efficient and uses a heat pump, allowing the system to produce electricity-fueled heat and cooling; duct-free split heating and air conditioning systems, for areas where ducts cannot be installed; and packaged heating and air conditioning systems, for homes that don’t have enough space to accommodate a split system.

HVAC systems are beneficial for homeowners because in addition to providing the luxury of whole-home temperature control, they can help to reduce the amount you spend on your utility bills each month if you’re currently using space heaters and window air conditioning units. Over time, HVAC systems are much more cost efficient, because they save energy and resources by combining all the processes into one system.