solar power
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The latest craze going around is renewable energy – and for good reason too. Most sources of energy not only waste the earth’s resources, but create bi-products that are harmful for the environment. This means that humans and animals will suffer in the long run if we continue to use these sources as primary methods for energy.

These underlying problems have been answered with the introduction of Solar Power. Solar power can save your clients money by providing them with a source of energy that will cost less over their lifespan then conventional energy methods. It does this by harnessing energy from the sun. The radiation given off by the sun is absorbed by solar panels to power a home. Solar cells react to the rays and produce electricity which is then distributed throughout the house. There are different types of energy cells that produce electricity and each one puts out different amounts of electricity. Standard cells contain silicon and convert 23 percent of the suns light into energy while satellites (high efficiency cells) can store up to 50%.  This efficiency comes at a cost and typical household technology, that which is affordable, only converts about 15% of the suns radiation.

The benefits of these systems is that they use less of the earth’s natural resources and even operate when the sun is down. At night, the systems draw on the power storage system and a traditional grid – just in case. So while it isn’t a self-sustaining system, it is much better for the environment than conventional options.

The last thing to consider when installing solar power units on your house are tax incentives. State incentives vary but just to give an example; Massachusetts allows a 15% tax credit for the cost of the system including installation costs up to $1,000 dollars. In Arizona this tax credit reaches over 25%. Additionally – this state allows for 100% exemptions from sales tax. By factoring everything in it seems that the annual average of increased electrical costs is around 4%. Utilizing solar power for your contracting business will all but eliminate this cost. This means that you not only provide value for your clients, but stay competitive in a tough market. You will also increase the resale value of your clients homes which will in turn create more positive referrals to your contracting business.