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The most successful top construction companies often approach business a little differently than their competitors. AGC estimates there are currently over 650,000 contractors and 6 million construction employees in the U.S. Regardless of your specialty or where your company is located, certain business practices can take you far.

Secrets of Top Construction Companies

While the quality of your work is critical to developing a strong reputation, understanding the importance of good hiring practices, positive client relations and leadership development are critical secrets of the top construction companies. Join us as we review three success habits to adopt today.

1. Hire Smart

Smart hiring and retention practices are vital to success. Putting the effort into learning how to choose the right workers can pay dividends over time. BusinessWeek writes that smart people are “efficient and proactive,” and perhaps most importantly, they’re not afraid of going above and beyond to get the job done. The right hires can be a critical tool for lasting client relationships and a positive reputation in your industry.

Not only should you hire carefully; you should also make an effort to take great care of your team. By offering competitive total compensation and a positive company culture, you can ensure that your money invested in hiring and training allows you to keep your workers for years to come.

top construction companies

2. Develop Excellent Client Communication

Your clients are your best marketing team. By developing strong and repeatable processes for communication, you can turn your clients into lifelong fans, develop a positive reputation and earn a steady stream of referral business. According to Equipment World, contractors of the year rarely have to do “hard bid work,” since they’ve earned strong client trust.

3. Foster Strong Leadership Skills

The most successful contractors know how to “get out of the way.” As ContractorTalk writes, functioning as a “technician” in your business can lead to failure. Instead of spending time doing the jobs, having competent, highly-trained staff and leadership allows you to focus on strategy and growing your business.

By fostering strong leadership skills, investing in cross-training and employee education, and promoting your workers, you can transition from a contractor to business leader role. While you may be the most competent technician on your team, failing to invest in educating others can compromise your ability to expand your company.

top construction companies

Your construction company needs more than a positive track record to truly succeed. With the right people, leadership training and client communication processes, you can focus on growing your company.

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