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Building contractors deal with a dizzying array of tasks, including architectural design, building codes, zoning regulations and more. As they juggle their responsibilities, time becomes a precious commodity. Since there are only so many hours in a day, using these time management techniques will help you make the most of each minute.

How Building Contractors can become more Efficient

Time management is an important business skill, which can be learned and perfected even by those building contractors who weren’t good at it to begin with.

1)      Establish a Process

As a general contractor, work can pile up. Suddenly, you can get caught in the trap of trying to accomplish everything at once. But, this strategy isn’t good for your head or your work product.

Instead, try to focus completely on a single task. Then, knock it off your list and start the next task.

These other tips can also help make your day go smoother:

  • Make lists, including schedules, to-do lists and people to call
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Plan ahead with a calendar
  • Block out time to catch up on emails, etc.
  • Track all your time
  • Delegate when appropriate

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2)      Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are the number one time killer among building contractors. The phone calls, emails and appointments never seem to end when you run your own business.

In order prevent delays, consciously try to eliminate distractions.

Minimizing interactions at certain times of the day will help you focus on what needs to be done. For example, if checking every email is disrupting your concentration, don’t be afraid to disconnect from your devices for a little while.

3)      Keep Organized

If you have ever lost time looking for a document, you know the benefits of organization. However, the concept is easier to grasp than it is to implement.

Now that you have a schedule, you can pencil in time to organize your office once a day or once a week. All it really takes to succeed is a plan and some diligent effort.

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If you can do these three basic things well, it will save you time.

  1. Keep everything in its place
  2. Put things back where your found them
  3. Write simple reminders to yourself

If you find that you are still overwhelmed after following these tips, you may want to consider hiring more help.
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