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Licensing for General Contractors can vary by state and tier.  There are different types of classes for general contractor licenses which depend on the type of construction work or contract value.  Each state has its own requirements, sometimes for the number of years a contractor has been in the field, or whether or not you work with hazardous materials.

Becoming a Licensed Contractor

Tests for General contractors happen on a quarterly basis, with most of the material for exam and test preparation being available both online, and at your local library.  Information for the test differs among all the different states and testing fees range from around $100 to $300 for the first test, as well as fingerprinting and document fees.  Annual renewal fees range from $30 to $300 dollars.  On top of all of this, Workers compensation insurance is also required before the final licensing.

General Building Contractor

A general Building contractor does a little bit of everything.  Demolition, construction, and repair are all areas of his focus.  People who supply materials are not able to apply for this license but Framers and Carpenters can.  General contractors have the ability to subcontract any work as needed.

General Engineering Contractor

Any type of work that requires special engineering knowledge must have an engineering contractor license.  The type of license covers work in the area of water piping, chemical, or utilities.  It is also required of work done near schools, chemical plants, and sewage pipelines.  Proper knowledge of concrete work, rough and finish carpentry, masonry, electrical and heating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC is necessary to obtain this license.

Specialty Contractor

Most states categorize contractors into one of sixteen specialties.  Dangerous construction, like high-rise glazing, elevator or hazardous substance removal also have classifications.  States with a high volume of contractors provide a separation of residential home improvements.  These contractors focus on small residential jobs.

Contractors insurance is something very specific and involved.  There are many different types of contracting licenses available.  That is why the projects needs must be assessed before figuring out which type of licensing is required.

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