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Job Fatigue Plagues Almost All Construction Workers

Job fatigue is a hidden workplace hazard that impacts workers’ performance and can even lead to injuries. This troublesome issue is particularly common in the construction industry. A recent report by the National Safety Council found that 100 percent of construction workers reported having at least one risk factor for fatigue. Read more

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OSHA’s Free Workplace Safety Program Aids Small Businesses

Did you know the cost of accident prevention is usually much lower than what accidents can ultimately cost a business? This is one reason tens of thousands of businesses every year take advantage of OSHA’s workplace safety program. If your job site has health and safety issues (or even if it doesn’t), learn what this free government program can do for you. Read more

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Tips to Avoid the Cold and Flu Virus in the Workplace

The cold and flu season are in full swing, and every business operator and manager lives in fear of their whole office or workplace being overtaken by an epidemic of illness that has your whole staff down for the count. It’s vital to keep your workplace sanitary and clear of dangers in order to make sure your staff remain healthy throughout the season. Here are some important tips to make sure you keep your workplace clear of the cold and flu virus this winter season. Read more