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Commercial Auto Insurance – Protecting You From Those Treacherous Winter Roads

In Connecticut we’re used to some pretty horrific road conditions. It snows, it sleets and it hails for almost four months, during which time you are expected to operate as well as you do when it’s 80-degrees and sunny. While your production may not dip, working as a commercial truck driver in the winter can be extremely stressful – for very little reward. Sure, you get paid for your job and you’re on schedule because you’re a professional but it would be nice to be thanked for the work you’ve done – at least once and a while. It would also be nice if you no longer had to worry about the financial repercussions of losing your truck in an auto accident. Luckily, with the right commercial auto insurance you should be able to protect you and your small business from an accident. Here’s what you need to know. Read more

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How to Get Your Snow Removal Contractor License in NY

Coming from Buffalo, you kind of get an understanding that snow is more than just the pretty stuff that falls around Christmas. Sure, there’s an elegance to it but you also have to respect its’ potentially destructive nature. Enough of it can cause major power outages and make roads downright dangerous, increasing the chances of potentially serious auto accidents. It is in these situations that every profession (no matter big or small) relies on snow removal contractors (and we need as many as possible in NY). Listed below is your three step guide to getting your snow removal contractor license in NY because the Empire State needs you.

Your Guide to Getting Your Snow Removal Contractor License in NY

1. Get Experience

Unlike some licenses, a degree is not required to get your snow removal contractor license in NY. Experience and skill will be favored more heavily than any degree you acquire (although a business degree may help you avoid potential pitfalls down the road). Typically, you will be required to have 1 to 3 years of experience operating snow removal vehicles before you can apply for your license and become an independent snow removal contractor. Through experience you will also get a better overview of the process, customer expectations and what skills you may need before you can open your own business.

2. Create Your Business Plan

After you have locked up your 1 to 3 years of experience you should start formulating your formal business plan. This should detail what equipment you may need, your goals and potential revenue. You should also consider what you will do for business during those months where snow does not fall.

3. Get Insured, Funded and Licensed

Your final step to obtaining your snow removal contractor license in NY may be your most complicated one. Insurance, funding and licensing will all require quite a bit of research and money. Before you open your business you will have to have enough capital to cover overhead costs (such as equipment), a viable business plan that will help a bank approve you for a business loan and enough money left over to carry insurance (especially workers comp and general liability).

Hopefully our three step guide will help you get on the fast track to obtaining your snow removal contractor license in NY. If you have any further questions about the process, or about your insurance needs, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Snow Plow Insurance Will Keep Your Fleet Safe When Things Get Icy

Snow hasn’t started falling… yet. That might be troublesome for those of you who are snow removal contractors but, don’t worry, it will start falling soon. And once it does, we’re sure your fleet will be ready. But, what happens when you run into your first bit of trouble this winter? Trouble that could take a few of your vehicles (or vehicle, if you only have one) off the road. To avoid such a traumatic experience, you may want to consider acquiring snow plow insurance. And here’s why.

Snow Plow Insurance

If you own a snowplow (or fleet of snow plows) you will likely need to attach a snow plow insurance policy to your commercial auto and truck policy. Insuring your snow plow might also be required by law (depending on local and state regulations) so be sure to check with your provider before you send your fleet onto the road this winter. You do not want to have to deal with the fines associated with uninsured vehicles. The good part is most states require you to have insurance before you can obtain a permit so you shouldn’t have to worry too much if you’re unsure as to whether or not you are covered. But, it’s still worth checking up on. As with most niche policies there are a variety of coverages that you can apply to your sun plow insurance policy. Listed below are a few of the most popular coverages that people apply towards said policy.

  • Liability Insurance – you are legally required to carry liability insurance in most states (and in most contracts as well). This coverage is designed to protect you in the event that someone is injured as a result of actions taken by your company (by paying for their medical expenses). It also covers any accidental damage your plows or employees may cause.
  • Collision – Whenever you are operating a vehicle there is always a chance of a collision (no matter how careful you are). And damage from auto collisions can get expensive. With collision coverage you won’t have to worry about the cost of repairing your snow plow, your insurance provider has got it covered.

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