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Insurance for Welding Projects

Welding projects can be dangerous, but with the use of technological developments, risks can be greatly reduced. The equipment required to ensure worker safety is generally quite costly, and risking damage to said equipment is ill-advised. The solution to protecting all of your assets as a welder is to secure solid insurance coverage.

Professional welders carry a comprehensive liability coverage policy to protect themselves and their company’s assets, but there are additional insurance features available for welders. There are additional general liability policies that can be purchased to increase liability protection. Due to the high value of welding tools, equipment protection is available to cover the loss or damage of your tools. Worker’s compensation isn’t always covered in certain insurance package deals, so it’s important to make sure your employees have adequate coverage, should they get injured on the job. There’s also an option to add property insurance, should you, your employees, or your equipment do any damage while you’re on-site at a job.

Other coverage options are less obvious, and may sometimes be overlooked when outlining the areas you need to insure when it comes to your welding business. With certain business owner’s policies, you can insure any buildings and their contents associated with your company, which will protect you against any costs you may incur due to damage or destruction to the buildings themselves or what’s inside them. You can also get coverage for business income and extra expenses, in case you encounter circumstances that require you to suspend business operations. This coverage ensures that you won’t suffer loss of income during that time period. Electronic data coverage is a newer concern than most others, but is critical in present day industry. Nearly all businesses keep their documentation of their customers, suppliers, and other business relationships as digital files, which can be susceptible to viruses, power surges, and hacking. Electronic data can be incredibly expensive to recover, so a business owner’s policy is a smart way to protect it.

If you’re a welder and looking for insurance to cover any of these areas for your business, let us know your needs, and we’ll connect you with a provider who can make sure you’re fully covered!