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Construction Equipment Guide: How to Prolong Tools’ Lifespan

Your construction equipment is what powers your livelihood. But, these tools don’t exactly last a lifetime. Without proper maintenance, they can become ineffective or even unusable. Since replacement costs can be very expensive, every contractor will benefit from learning how to prolong the lifespan of their tools. Read more

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How Electrical Contractors can better Maintain Tools

Electrical contractors depend on tools to complete tasks, like the installation and repair of wiring, without interruption. But, as equipment ages, it can become less reliable. Since the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not power tools will perform properly, you will benefit from learning these equipment maintenance tips and tricks. Read more

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Learn How to Organize Tools Easily and Efficiently

It’s a problem every contractor can relate to. They can’t seem to find the tool they need when they need it. Without a system, contractors who don’t know how to organize tools exert extra effort and lose precious time.

If your workspace is a disaster zone, these tips will help you clean up your act. Read more

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Why You Should Have a Contractor’s Equipment Insurance Policy

Next to workers, a contractor crew’s tools and equipment are the most important component of their business. They are the lifeblood of the company; if something happened to them all at once the business would have to halt while they spent the cash to replace everything.

While a catastrophic disaster that wipes out all of your tools is unlikely, a single piece of equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars getting broken happens all the time. These incidents can be ruinous to a business if they occur during a financially vulnerable period, such as when materials have just been purchased and reimbursement is weeks down the road.

To prevent having your business grind to a halt while you scrounge up money to replace valuable equipment, have it protected with a contractor’s equipment insurance policy. These policies cover tools and heavy equipment that other policies will not cover. Any business that has invested thousands of dollars in their equipment should protect that equipment and their entire livelihood with a contractor’s insurance policy.

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