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How to Write a Business Plan for your Contracting Company

A business plan is an outline of where your contracting company is today, where it is going and how it will get there. This outline is an adjustable document in which you can make projections about future problems and opportunities. By learning how to write a business plan the right way, your company will be able to stand on firmer financial ground. Read more

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What to Do During an OSHA Inspection

An inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an occurrence that almost every contractor dreads. However, if you are following proper procedure, this need not be a terrifying or stressful experience. Here is an overview of how to handle that unrequested OSHA inspection and make sure that you are operating in all the right ways. Read more

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Being Prepared for Emergencies Saves Lives

Having an emergency response plan is the single most important way to help prevent avoidable injury or death in the event of a disaster. Emergencies that occur in the workplace can happen at any time, often with little warning. Whether they are internally-caused at the site like a structural collapse or externally-caused like a tornado striking, emergency factors must be handled in a timely, controlled and calculated manner to minimize the potential risk to human life and company property.

An emergency response plan can significantly reduce the unknowns during such a catastrophic scenario and also help decipher how to handle new unknowns as they arise. Here are some guidelines for your own emergency response plan and disaster preparedness policies. Read more