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7 Recommended Safety Precautions for Masonry Contractors

Masonry is an integral part of the construction of both commercial and residential structures. Although the process has several major advantages, the work can be very labor intensive. Masonry contractors may risk illness and injury as they work on homes, buildings, bridges and public works projects. Over the years, experienced masons have learned how to stay safe in dangerous conditions by following a list of recommended safety precautions. Read more

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Safety Tips for Working in Trenches and Excavations

Nationally, two workers are killed each month in trenches and excavations as a result of cave-ins, falls and other unfortunate accidents. Although this work can pose serious safety hazards, some of these deaths could have been prevented. If your contracting company works with earth removal, these safety tips could one day save a life. Read more

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Sun Safety Tips for Contractors with Outdoor Jobs

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than working outdoors. But in the heat of the summer, outdoor jobs, like construction, can become grueling or even downright dangerous. Long hours of exposure to the sun can lead to major and minor problems like sun burn, heatstroke or ultimately skin cancer.

If your job requires extended time in the sun, use these four tips to help survive the summer. Read more