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$2.7 Billion Newark Airport Construction Project Underway

Newark Liberty International Airport, which celebrates its 90th birthday this year, is still growing. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey recently announced the groundbreaking of a new terminal, which will bring the ongoing Newark Airport construction project’s price tag to nearly $3 billion. Read more

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New Jersey Law Expands use of Public Private Partnerships

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed a bill that will expand the use of public-private partnerships in the state to include building and highway projects. Lawmakers hope the new legislation will encourage greater investment in New Jersey infrastructure. Read more

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How to Become a General Contractor in New Jersey

New Jersey is a great place to work as a general contractor. The Garden State offers contractors the opportunity to build a thriving business in a growing economy. But before you start drawing up business plans, you will need to learn and follow New Jersey’s steps for how to become a general contractor. Read more

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New Jersey Snow Removal Insurance – Protect Your Plows

Snow has been fairly absent in New Jersey over the past month, but that all may change over the next week. This Sunday, most of the state will get to see some form of wintery precipitation (and we’re hoping it’s mostly snow). The snow will be our first taste of this year’s version of the Polar Vortex. With plummeting temperatures we’re sure to get snow (and lots of it) in the near future. So, ready your snow plow fleet and make sure you have the proper New Jersey snow removal insurance before your plows hit the streets next week.

New Jersey Snow Removal Insurance – Why Do You Need It?

As a New Jersey snow removal contractor you probably understand that you need some form of insurance to protect your fleet. The problem is, which policies (out of the hundreds that are offered) do you need? General liability insurance and workers compensation are both fairly standard policies for contractors but, as a New Jersey snow removal contractor you need a little bit more than the standard In order to adequately protect your vehicles.

New Jersey snow removal insurance is designed for those individuals who own or operate a snow plow full-time. This policy will not apply to you if you have a snow plow that you use on occasion to spring your neighbors from their homes when they’re snowed in. You have to be working full time as a snow removal contractor in order to qualify for this plan.

There are a few additional circumstances that may cause you to diversify your coverage. For example, if you own a fleet of snow plows and you hire other contractors to operate them then you may want to consider acquiring a Hired and Non-Owned Policy. That ensures that the liability from your policy extends to those contractors who you operate your plows. An extension that could save you a lot of money over the long run.

In addition to your New Jersey snow removal insurance policy you may need general liability, property insurance, equipment insurance and workers compensation. If you’re unsure of what your coverage needs are please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Citation of 68 NJ Contractors Has Public Clamoring for Greater Regulation

NJ contractors have made headlines this month, but not necessarily the ones that they may have envisioned. Five dozen home improvement contractors, all based out of New Jersey, have been cited for violations that range from operating without a proper registration to failure to complete projects that were pre-paid by customers. The situation has enraged homeowners and contractors alike and has some clamoring for the government to set better statewide standards that will define responsible contracting. In an op-ed for the Times of Trenton, Michael Capelli, a 30-year union contractor, outlined some principles that the state should look to adhere to if they plan on setting new standards in order to help consumers and contractors identify acts of malpractice.

Public trust in the building industry dissipating

Capelli’s primary concern is that such criminal acts reflect poorly on the entire building industry. In 2012 there were over 1,400 complaints about home improvement contractors in New Jersey which is the most of any category currently regulated by state officials. With customers not receiving the support they expect from NJ contractors, and since such problems are happening frequently, they may be less likely to trust others in the industry (plumbers, electricians, etc.). And no one wants to see their business suffer because of a few builders who have done their best to tarnish the reputation of the entire industry in New Jersey.

Counteracting public distrust through greater regulation

To reverse the disturbing trend Capelli has made an argument for greater government regulations and standards over the industry. Such regulations, according to Capelli, would be used to measure contractor responsibility and would have to adhere to three principles:

1. The development of a sensible and fair contracting process

2. Clear and reasonable contracting standards

3. Increased transparency and accountability

A fair contracting process with clear standards and transparency should reduce hidden costs for consumers and will renew trust in the industry. Renewed trust should help re-establish the state’s declining building industry but it will not do enough to revitalize it. To do that, the government will have to work on establishing new incentives, tax breaks and greater investment in building. Capelli’s argument is by no means definitive as greater regulation could also negatively affect the industry. But, what it does do is highlight that builders across the state are in need of support which they should be receiving from their local and state representatives.