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NYS Workers Compensation Law: What Contractors need to know

In New York State, Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory. NYS Workers Compensation law requires employers to obtain and keep current workers’ comp coverage for every employee. In an industry where illnesses and injuries are common, both employers and employees benefit from this type of coverage. Read more

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Many Violate OSHA Recordkeeping Rule without Knowing it

Do you know about the recent OSHA recordkeeping rule on serious illness and injury reporting? If not, you are not the only one.

At the end of last year, OSHA expected the electronic filing of 350,000 annual injury and illness log summaries, but the government agency fell 200,000 worksites short of their goal. OSHA now has until June 15 to inspect locations for violations of the electronic reporting rule. Those not in compliance could receive citations that carry penalties of up to $12,934. Read more