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Why HVAC Preventative Maintenance is Vital

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive systems in your home. Major problems can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs while leaving your home either too hot or cold until fixed.

In many cases, you could prevent these big issues from happening with HVAC preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance also helps keep your units operating efficiently, improves longevity and reduces repair frequency. Use these checklists to keep your indoor and outdoor HVAC units in prime working condition and stop problems before they eat into your savings. Read more

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Winterizing Your Home to Stay Safe and Thrifty This Season

Don’t let the mild temperatures so far this 2015 winter fool you. Strong snowstorms and ice storms are predicted all throughout late winter into early spring because of El Niño. These sudden cold snaps can cause headaches when reviewing your power bill for the month, but they could also put your property and even its inhabitants in danger if proper steps are not taken first. In light of this problem, here are some of the best ways of winterizing your home to keep your home safe, secure and stingy with energy this winter: Read more

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The Importance of HVAC Contractors Insurance

Installing and servicing HVAC systems is a highly technical and specialized trade that can incur a great of risk. Contractors must coordinate several different systems together in a way that seamlessly provides homeowners comfort at the push of a button.

The technical nature of the trade can make knowledgeable business owners a good deal of profit, especially as their reputation for quality service expands. At the same time, though, their risk increases. HVAC equipment is pretty expensive, and it ties into many other systems within the house. There are many ways an installation can go wrong, and even a minor service checkup could result in allegations of damage to a homeowner’s valuable property.

Here are some of the ways HVAC contractors insurance can protect you against this type of risk and liability: Read more