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The 5 Best Building Demolition Videos ever Recorded

Even though we build things for a living, we find it hard not to watch (and re-watch) videos of building implosions. Whether it’s a massive coliseum or a slender skyscraper, we find a certain beauty in watching a sturdy structure fall to the ground in seconds flat. From Atlanta to Seattle, this roundup of American building demolition videos will entertain your entire construction crew. Read more

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Waste Management for Construction and Demolition Projects

Waste management is an ongoing problem for the construction and demolitions industry. Managing this waste responsibly is an essential part of the overall job. It is vital to reduce, reuse and recycle waste as efficiently as possible to serve as an effective contractor. Read an overview of the challenges faced in waste management for construction and demolitions projects. Read more

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Do You Have the Proper Permit?

Construction work often affects more than the person who is going to use the structure. Counties and state governments want to know that anyone performing the work will be qualified, prepared and aware of the current standards before they hammer so much as one nail.

Different types of jobs will require different permits, and not every job will actually need a permit. To help you stay organized and keep tabs on all the different requirements, here are the general situations in which you will need a permit: Read more