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Your Guide to California Contractor License Requirements

Obtaining your contractor license in California is a little bit harder than it is in most other states. Aggravating though it may be, if you can meet the following California contractor license requirements you will not only be able to make it here, you will be able to make it anywhere. Here is what you need to know. Read more

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How to Get Your Snow Removal Contractor License in NY

Coming from Buffalo, you kind of get an understanding that snow is more than just the pretty stuff that falls around Christmas. Sure, there’s an elegance to it but you also have to respect its’ potentially destructive nature. Enough of it can cause major power outages and make roads downright dangerous, increasing the chances of potentially serious auto accidents. It is in these situations that every profession (no matter big or small) relies on snow removal contractors (and we need as many as possible in NY). Listed below is your three step guide to getting your snow removal contractor license in NY because the Empire State needs you.

Your Guide to Getting Your Snow Removal Contractor License in NY

1. Get Experience

Unlike some licenses, a degree is not required to get your snow removal contractor license in NY. Experience and skill will be favored more heavily than any degree you acquire (although a business degree may help you avoid potential pitfalls down the road). Typically, you will be required to have 1 to 3 years of experience operating snow removal vehicles before you can apply for your license and become an independent snow removal contractor. Through experience you will also get a better overview of the process, customer expectations and what skills you may need before you can open your own business.

2. Create Your Business Plan

After you have locked up your 1 to 3 years of experience you should start formulating your formal business plan. This should detail what equipment you may need, your goals and potential revenue. You should also consider what you will do for business during those months where snow does not fall.

3. Get Insured, Funded and Licensed

Your final step to obtaining your snow removal contractor license in NY may be your most complicated one. Insurance, funding and licensing will all require quite a bit of research and money. Before you open your business you will have to have enough capital to cover overhead costs (such as equipment), a viable business plan that will help a bank approve you for a business loan and enough money left over to carry insurance (especially workers comp and general liability).

Hopefully our three step guide will help you get on the fast track to obtaining your snow removal contractor license in NY. If you have any further questions about the process, or about your insurance needs, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you!

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How to Get Your NY General Contractor License

When you are first beginning your journey as a general contractor in New York you might be wondering what classes you have to take (or what experience you will need). But, what people do not typically consider are the actual licensing requirements they need to meet. And seeing as you are trying to become a contractor in a state that can be riddled with unforeseen taxes and regulations; you might be a little skeptical (and you’d be right). Or, so you’d think. Actually, understanding how to get your NY general contractor license is fairly easy. It’s just getting the license that’s difficult.

Getting Your NY General Contractor License AQAP (or As Quick as Possible)

Understanding what you need to do to get your NY general contractor license will help you being your journey towards success. If you don’t understand the rules, regulations and requirements you may find yourself spending an exorbitant amount of time and money on unnecessary pursuits. Listed below are the requirements you will need to become a general contractor in the Empire State.

1.       Meet These License Qualifications

In order to officially receive your NY general contractor license you must meet the following qualifications.

  • 18 years old or older
  • Be able to read and write the English language
  • Good moral character

2.       Pass a Background Investigation

On top of the qualifications specified above you will also need to pass a background investigation. The investigation will likely cost you around $330 and you will have to provide state officials with your photo ID, your social security card, and proof of residence, 3 consecutive bank statements and a typed, completed and notarized LIC6 application form. Background checks aren’t cheap, but, unfortunately they are necessary so be sure to get your check done as soon as you can.

3.       Provide State Officials with Additional Documentation

Depending on your situation, the state may require you to provide them with additional information. So, whether you are an LLC, sole proprietor or corporation you will want to check out New York State’s documentation requirements (which we have provided for you here).

4.       Apply for Your License

Congratulations! You have made it to the final stage (and the actual application). Once the Departments Licensing Unit decides that you meet all of the requirements for a license they will send you a letter. Within that letter will be instructions and required items that must still be submitted to the Department in order for you to get you license. You have 365 days after you receive that letter to obtain your license so be sure to act promptly.

If you have any further questions about obtaining a NY general contractor license please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-649-9094. We look forward to hearing from you and best of luck!

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