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The Top 3 Construction Violations (and How to Prevent Them)

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) inspectors hand out citations across the country for a multitude of violations. Without fail, year after year, the same on-the-job hazards rank at or near the top of the list. General contractors, subcontractors and others often receive construction violations over and over, because they fail to learn how to recognize and avoid these three common work hazards. Read more

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What to do when your Construction Zone is Close to Traffic

Road construction zones are among the most hazardous types of work sites in America. In 2015 alone, there were 130 worker fatalities at these locations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In light of this ever-present danger, there are many workplace safety strategies construction companies can adopt to protect their employees from harm. Read more

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A Contractor’s Guide to Surviving Winter Construction

If you are a true contractor, there’s no off-season. You sweat through the heat of August and shiver through January winter construction. Regardless of the conditions, you’ve got a job to do.

While working outside in cold weather is never easy, there are many effective ways to keep warm. Read more

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Crane and Derrick Safety

Crane and Derrick Worksite Hazards

Operating cranes and derricks are part and parcel of heavy construction. Unfortunately, they are also two of the greatest safety and liability hazards on any worksite. OSHA estimates nearly 100 lives lost every year due to accidents with these pieces of equipment. Ground crew members are more likely to be killed in crane accidents than operators. This is why the organization has fairly rigid standards in place to protect the lives of workers who deal with this heavy machinery.

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