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New General Liability Coverage for Concrete Contractors

There has been an expansion in the coverage provided under general liability insurance for contractors in the concrete business, which is really exciting for people in that industry. Generally speaking, businesses and contractors have general liability insurance to protect themselves and their assets financially in the case of anyone slipping, falling, and sustaining injuries on the business/contractor’s jobsite. This coverage also extends to when a client visit’s the contract’s office for any administrative or planning work that’s involved in the job they are doing.

The change in coverage that expands for concrete contractors covers a variety of different areas. One new thing that’s covered for concrete contractors now under their general liability insurance is if the contractor’s equipment or employees accidentally damages a customer’s property. This is especially useful for concrete contractors, because their cement trucks are extraordinarily heavy, and if they need to drive over existing pour concrete or any other paving material to reach their jobsite, they run the risk of damaging what’s already there. With the new extension of general liability insurance coverage for concrete contractors, their worries can be put to rest about this potential damage.

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In addition to providing coverage for the current job that a concrete contractor is working on, the new policy provisions cover completed projects as well. Sometimes after a job is done, there is evidence of unusual wear and tear that needs to be repaired. This can be due to contractor negligence, defective raw materials, or many other reasons. If the completed work is damaged, and as a result damages existing foundation or any other property, concrete contractor’s general liability insurance will cover the cost of repairing the original work, and repairing any subsequent damage. If the concrete contractor is brought up on legal charges due to suspected negligence, general liability insurance will cover the legal fees necessary, whether the concrete contractor is found at fault or not. As we mentioned, sometimes problems with a job may be due to defective raw materials, which could have been purchased from a third party. With concrete contractor’s general liability insurance, contractors are protected in such a situation and the necessary reparations can be made.