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2013 Trucks and Equipment Guide: Compact Trucks

As you may already know, trucks and equipment are key essentials for contractors. Last blog post we spoke about full sized trucks for your newly formed fleet of business vehicles. Today we will shed some light onto the compact truck scene, for those of you who don’t need a monster of a gas guzzler. Our top picks for compact trucks will satisfy your needs and keep your business running smooth. Just be sure not to forget to protect yourself with commercial auto and truck insurance.

Nissan Frontier

We’ve already established that you want a smaller, affordable work truck so our first suggestion for a compact truck would be the Nissan Frontier. It’s a well-established street/highway vehicle for long commutes and delivery but beefed up enough to handle hauling, towing, and off road trails. There are also a number of options to choose from such as a basic 4 cylinder version, V6 or Off Road Pro-4X. One thing is certain, this little guy is well suited for any given situation.

Toyota Tacoma

Our runner up in the compact truck landscape with respect to contractor vehicles is the Toyota Tacoma. This option would be great for anyone who has modest towing needs and needs to haul dirty supplies. Choose from 4 or 6 cylinder options. The Tacoma has similar bed sizes to the Frontier but the similarity stops there. The Tacoma’s focus is on drive-ability, sporting a smooth drive and comfy cabin configuration. All of its models except for the X-Runner are available in four wheel drive. Depending on what your needs are in short, the Frontier is more down and dirty in comparison to the Tacoma, which might be useful as a secondary vehicle for the family.

Whichever vehicle you decide will work for your contracting business, make sure you have the proper insurance plan in place. This way, regardless of the situation, you will be covered in the event of an accident.