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How to Stay Safe while Working in Cold Weather

With low temperatures, chilly winds and icy roads, winter can be a challenging time of year if you are working in cold weather. Besides being uncomfortable, these conditions can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. By learning what to do, contractors can stay safe no matter how far the mercury dips. Read more

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A Contractor’s Guide to Surviving Winter Construction

If you are a true contractor, there’s no off-season. You sweat through the heat of August and shiver through January winter construction. Regardless of the conditions, you’ve got a job to do.

While working outside in cold weather is never easy, there are many effective ways to keep warm. Read more

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Working in Cold Weather

This winter has been brutal all across North America, and there have been many cases of people dying from extreme temperatures even in normally warm climates. Cold weather presents a slew of unique dangers that can create many levels of health risk, from the temperatures to the icy conditions they create. When working in cold weather, it is important for workers to keep these risks in mind and manage them effectively when the need arises.

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