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Why Your Carpenter Needs to be Insured

Carpentry contractors, who work on wooden structures or parts thereof, should always carry carpentry insurance. These carpenters can be primary on a job, or they can be subcontractors brought in from elsewhere. Carpenters come in all varieties and levels of skill. Some conduct engineering and design; others work from pre-submitted plans. There are rough carpenters, finish carpenters and framing carpenters. All should carry a solid insurance policy.

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Carpenters Insurance: A Safe Policy in a Dangerous Industry

I used to take the bus from Buffalo to Boston quite a bit. It is a pretty long ride (11.5 to 12 hours) but there were always very interesting people with very interesting stories that made the ride a little bit more enjoyable. My most interesting conversation lasted almost the full 12 hours and involved a girl, in her mid-20’s, who was traveling to Maine to go back to carpentry school. She was a little quirky; had mismatched glasses, multi-colored hair and a demeanor that may have driven others away.

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