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How to Become a General Contractor in California

Across the state of California, construction is booming. The industry continues to offer stable and profitable jobs, such as general contracting. If you are thinking about applying for a California license, you can follow these steps for how to become a general contractor. Read more

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Safety Tips on How to Prepare for an Earthquake

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

An earthquake generally lasts only a few seconds, but California residents can agree that it can be the most terrifying few seconds of a person’s life. Buildings crack and loosen debris, furniture tumbles about, electrical wires can come loose and fires can result. The aftermath of an earthquake can last far, far longer than the brief time it takes to get through the event. However, if you understand how to prepare for an earthquake, you can mitigate some of the serious damage, reduce your liability and save lives.

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Your Guide to California Contractor License Requirements

Obtaining your contractor license in California is a little bit harder than it is in most other states. Aggravating though it may be, if you can meet the following California contractor license requirements you will not only be able to make it here, you will be able to make it anywhere. Here is what you need to know. Read more

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Cheap Truck Insurance California – How to Tell When It’s Too Good to Be True

As a commercial truck driver in California you’re probably used to traffic congestion that would probably shock drivers anywhere else in the country (but not you). Shock value aside, there is still something stressful about operating your vehicle in the congested parking lot that is the 405 knowing that at any moment your career could come to a crashing halt in an instant. A quality commercial truck insurance policy will help you avoid the financial repercussions associated with an accident, but such a policy might seem unnecessarily expensive. For that reason, quite a few contractors have opted for cheaper policies that provide inadequate coverage. Listed below are three ways for you to identify whether or not cheap truck insurance California is too good to be true.

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Contractors Insurance California Basics – How to Find the Right Insurance Tailor

As a contractor, you’ve probably worked hard to get to where you are today. You’ve spent countless hours doing physically demanding work. You get up before the sun gets up. And you’ve done everything you can to branch out on your own (and maybe even start your own business). So, if you’re just starting out on your own we would like you to congratulate you! And, we would also like you to give you a bit of an insurance road map that you can use to avoid the most common (and expensive) pitfalls that befall general contractors. Here are the contractors insurance California rules and regulations you need to know.

Contractors Insurance California – Are You Covered?

Alright, maybe before we ask you if you are covered we should address when and where you should be covered (because you might need some kind of background knowledge first). Understanding the basics of contractors insurance is a bit like understanding what you need to wear in the morning. And we’re talking more about function rather than fashion. You wouldn’t wake up in the morning, see that it’s 22 degrees outside and then prance outside in your bathing suit. We’re guessing you’re more practical than that.

How to Get California Contractors Insurance that Fits

Insurance works in a similar fashion and should allow you the flexibility to find the right attire for the right situations. Now, contractors insurance might not sound like the most flexible type of insurance but recent industry trends have forced providers to tailor their policies to fit their clients (and not vice versa). And when policies are tailored to you they not only tend to fit better, but they’re typically cheaper and more responsive to your coverage needs.

Finding the right California contractors insurance provider is your first step in finding insurance that fits your coverage needs and fits within your budget. So, whether you are a general contractor, independent electrician or a plumber be sure to find an insurer that can double as an excellent tailor. For a full break down of contractors insurance California rules, regulations and requirements please check out this link from the government of California. Take care and stay safe!