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The Greatest American Builders of All Time

Whether you work in masonry, construction, roofing or another skilled trade, it’s difficult not to appreciate the beauty of architecture. From the Empire State Building to the Sears Tower to the Flatiron Building, our greatest American builders have produced towering works that exhibit the exquisite combinations of form and function. Read more

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How Renewable Energy Benefits Home Builders, too

From New York to California, home builders are starting to see that the future of renewable energy is bright and getting brighter every day. But, it is not just homeowners who are reaping the benefits of this technology. Solar power in new construction is also beneficial to the contractors who are building the structures. Read more

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6 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Requirements

In today’s day and age, builders must be aware of many different state and Federal regulations, including ADA requirements. Unfortunately, many building contractors make mistakes, because these regulations are longwinded and confusing.

Since ignorance is never an excuse in construction, read the answers to these frequently asked questions before your next project. Read more