Sustainable Community Development
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Sustainable Community Development in New Jersey

New Jersey is breaking new ground in sustainability (at least within the state) as they have just launched a completely green community. The Village Green at Annandale, located just an hour from New York City, is a modern and sustainable community development that will have its’ grand opening on September 10th. Offering everything from apartments and luxury town homes to commercial spaces the village will likely have no shortage of interested buyers and renters who are looking to save money on their energy bills. While it may be a relatively small step for now it represents a big sustainable step for the state.

The project’s developer, Richard Meurer, is enthusiastic about the villages progress up until this point and was extremely enthusiastic about its’ future.

“We are confident that we have built the premier ecovillage in the Garden State, “said Meurer while also elaborating that, “Solar has the undeniable power to change our lives for the better.”

Self-Sustainable Complex

Powered by a two acre solar farm the complex is entirely self-sustainable. That means the community would have no need to bring in energy from outside making the complex a desirable one for business looking to cut costs. It was also built on the footprint of an old lumber yard which has been incorporated into the sites design. The mix of modern and historical has also made it an attractive spot for young homeowners (or renters) and their families. Mostly comprised of one, two and three bedroom apartments it is a great place to start and one where one does not have to pay more for convenience and design. The complex is already 52% occupied before it has even opened and a lot of that has to do with how affordable it is.

Expanding on his previous statement, Meurer hopes to continue building such communities in the future. He said, “This community is proof that renewable energy systems can be attractive, functional and integrated into traditional neighborhoods.” It will serve as a model for a 23 acre solar site that Meurer hopes to build by 2015. There is a shortage of contractors capable of executing such a sustainable project in New Jersey and that shortage could be an excellent opportunity for contractors who are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and it could give a vital spark to an industry that has been struggling since 2008.