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New York City’s plan to revamp its subway stations is about to get off the platform. Last month, the MTA approved a subway construction project that will upgrade everything from lighting to signage.

Enhanced Station Initiative gets the Green Light

As part of a $1 billion New York State infrastructure program, the Enhanced Station Initiative aims to increase the appeal and safety of 33 New York City subway stations. From easy cleaning finishes to sleeker glass barrier between turnstiles, the selected stations will undergo a massive face lift. The MTA even has an open call for artists to create a specific installation for Harlem’s 125th Street station.

The scope of the new subway construction projects includes:

  • Signage
  • Platforms
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Benches with USB chargers
  • Station Dashboards
  • Restroom upgrades
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

subway construction

Construction Work will be Design/Build

The MTA is using design/build contracts for the construction work at all the stations in the program. This initiative will give private construction firms with relevant skills and expertise the opportunity to complete the projects more efficiently. A single team will be responsible for both the design and construction to ensure maximum coordination and cooperation.

“The Enhanced Station Initiative embraces new techniques and innovations that simplify the work and shorten construction time while bringing real improvements to the transit experience,” said MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim. “We’ve received great feedback from the customers who use the redesigned ESI station in Brooklyn at 53rd Street, and we look forward to opening more of these modernized subway stations and bringing more amenities to more stations across our system.”

subway construction

$250 Million in NYC Subway Construction Projects

This spring, construction will begin at selected stations, including:

  • 23rd Street on the Sixth Avenue line
  • 57th Street on the Sixth Avenue line
  • 28th Street on the Lexington Avenue line
  • 34th Street-Penn Station complexes of the Seventh and Eighth Avenue lines

The MTA may shut down the B/C stations at 72nd, 86th and 110th streets, as well as the 163rd Street C stop to allow subway construction to conclude as quickly as possible. The station closures will begin in April, and they are expected to remain closed until fall 2018.

More than 100 years after many stations were first opened, the Enhanced Station Initiative strives to improve the reliability, capacity and customer experience of the New York City subway system.

subway construction