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If you look around, the signs of spring are everywhere in New York. With flowers budding and grass growing, it’s time for landscapers to begin spring clean-ups. To help you get ready for the season, review these professional landscaping tips.

Spring Landscaping Tips every Contractor must Try

1)      Lawn Care

Now that it is April, the grass is getting greener, which means it’s time for landscape contractors to get to work on lawn care.

How to Prepare your Lawn for Spring and Summer

  • Test the soil pH
  • Remove damaged turf
  • Work in a layer of compost to keep new seed moist

Although the best time of year for aerating a lawn is in the fall, you could also loosen compacted soil with small holes. Then, the ground will be in perfect condition for fertilizing and seeding.

landscaping tips

2)      Trees and Shrubs

Winter weather can cause damage to even the most vital trees and shrubs. However, you can counteract its effects with some strategic pruning.

4 Landscaping Tips for better Pruning

  • Cut back to the live stems with a handsaw on anything larger than a half-inch in diameter
  • Shape hedges with a hand pruner rather than electric shears
  • Prune summer-flowering shrubs before the buds swell
  • Wait to cut back spring bloomers until after they flower

3)      Perennials

During the spring, perennials can also be cut back and divided. With a sharp pair of bypass pruners, you can make clean cuts on both dead and living foliage. But first, it’s important to know what to cut and what not to.

Perennials that need Spring Pruning

  • Amsonia
  • Aster
  • Balloon Flower
  • Black Eye Susan
  • Echinacea

Once you have identified what to cut, remember this rule of thumb: prune flowering perennials to a height of four to five inches tall.

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4)      Beds and Borders

As part of spring cleaning, you are also expected to tidy up general debris, like dead foliage, which can smother plants and contribute to disease.

How to Clean up Beds and Borders

  • Push plants back into flower beds and borders with a shovel or even your foot
  • Spread fertilizer on the soil’s surface
  • Use pins to fasten drip irrigation lines
  • Use a square-head shovel to create a clean edge around the beds

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5)      Composting

Once you are done with your spring cleaning, you can collect leaves, cuttings, foliage and last season’s mulch into a compost pile. This is often a three-by-three-foot cube, which you can make by joining sections of a wire fence.

3 Professional Landscaping Tips for Composting

  • Shredding leaves and chipping branches will accelerate decomposition
  • Keep the pile as moist as possible
  • Aerate with a pitchfork every two weeks

Although these landscaping tips will get you started, this list is just a beginning. Are there any tips not on this list you would like to share with your fellow contractors?

landscaping tips