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Spring is a good time to be a contractor. It’s warm outside, the sun is shining and business is picking up. Although construction hazards may be the last thing you are thinking about right now, safety should never take a holiday.

How to Plan for Spring Construction Hazards

1)      Flooding

The spring season tends to have many rainy days especially in states, like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. These spring showers can cause safety issues for contractors, such as slips and falls on muddy surfaces.

If rain persists, job sites may flood and become treacherous for workers. For example, work vehicles can get stuck in wet ground or even lose traction on a slippery surface. To avoid problems like this, clean the mud off your tires when it builds up.

5 Quick Safety Tips

  • Walk carefully on wet surfaces, especially those above ground
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes
  • Remain indoors until 30 minutes after lightning or thunder
  • Don’t drive through the water on a flooded road
  • Clean construction equipment regularly

spring construction

2)      Electric Shocks

Many construction projects include electrical work, which can become more dangerous in the presence of water. For example, rain can leave puddles of standing water that create a potential risk of electrical shock.

In the spring, construction laborers should also be fully aware of the dangers of rainstorms. If a worker is operating power tools outside, they could potentially receive electrical shocks from even a little precipitation.

Spring winds also frequently knock down power lines. If you see one, it’s best to steer clear of these construction hazards. Live wires should only be handled by properly trained workers who are wearing protective equipment.

spring construction

3)      Sun Exposure

Although it can be enjoyable to work outside in spring weather, you need to be careful of overexposure to dangerous UV rays. You could face greater risk of sunburn, sun poisoning and heat exhaustion. As a precaution, wear sunscreen daily when working outside. If you sweat profusely or get wet during the day, make sure to reapply often.

Just because the weather is finally warm, doesn’t mean you can ignore safety rules. By taking precautions in the spring, you will be able to help avoid these common construction hazards.

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