spring cleaning checklist
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No matter how much your business emphasizes organization and efficiency, these things inevitably suffer by the time winter comes to a close. That is why all contractors should set aside a week each year to complete this spring cleaning checklist.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Conduct a Safety Review

Safety is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a business owner. Avoid injuries and keep everyone out of harm’s way by reviewing all applicable safety practices with your employees. Discuss the proper use of tools, heavy machinery and the importance of utilizing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) while on the job site.

Repair and Replace Equipment

Broken equipment is doubly bad for your business; not only must you pay to repair or replace broken equipment, vehicles and tools, you must also cope with the drain on your time to fix the problem. Address any broken tools during your spring cleaning, and then place them in a cohesive organizational system.

spring cleaning checklist

Update and Backup Computers

Hammers and wrenches aren’t the only tools you need to maintain; your computers and software are equally important in the modern business environment. Back up all of your computers at this time (although you should really be doing this weekly), and ensure that all of your software packages are up to date.

Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection

Your team cannot get anything done while waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road. Spring is a great time to have your vehicles inspected by a certified mechanic, but it is also a great time to conduct oil and fluid changes, rotate the tires and have the emissions inspected.

spring cleaning checklist

Be Sure Your Employees Are Well Trained

Successful construction firms ensure that their employees are properly trained; this not only helps improve your bottom line (properly trained employees are more efficient than those who lack the necessary training), but it also helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Begin by making sure that all of your employees have been properly trained to use all the necessary equipment, that they are familiar with all important safety practices and that they understand all relevant OSHA rules and guidelines.

Consider a Spring Promotional Offer

Capitalize on the spring cleaning theme by offering a special promotional package to your customers during this time. For example, you may offer free roof inspections, and then suggestively sell roofing services the customer may need. Spring is also a good time to offer HVAC tune-ups in order to help your customers prepare for the coming summer heat.

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