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Today, prospects research more than your credentials when considering whether or not to hire you. They are now increasingly influenced by reviews of your past performance. Although you may not be accustomed to asking for customer testimonials, these endorsements are proven to help you land new leads.

5 Winning Ways to Score More Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

1)      Ask in Person

The most effective way to receive customer testimonials is simply to ask in person. If you have developed a good rapport with a client, it’s likely they would be interested in letting others know about your good work. Although it’s common for contractors to gain new business leads based on word-of-mouth recommendations, published testimonials reach a wider audience.

2)      Establish an Online Presence

The internet is an excellent tool for soliciting and displaying business endorsements. While your contracting business probably has a website, you must also have a diversified online presence to fully leverage the power of customer testimonials.

Reviews on any of these four sites will both influence customers and improve your website’s search rankings:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Reviews
  • LinkedIn Recommendations
  • YouTube Video Reviews

Businesses who use these platforms often earn more recommendations, because it’s quick and easy to post comments in forums like these.

3)      Offer Incentives and Rewards

Even if they have had a positive experience, many customers are slow to submit a review. However, you will see an increase in testimonials if you offer an incentive or reward, like a coupon or discount. You could even giveaway a prize to those who submit reviews online.

customer testimonials

4)      Create an Company Initiative

In order to really get the job done, soliciting reviews must be more than a side project. It should be everyone’s priority. From managers to laborers, all the employees in your company should know about the impact reviews have on business growth.

Next, you should train employees who have contact with clients about how to properly ask for customer testimonials. If you really want to get your whole team on board, you could also provide bonuses or rewards for the job sites that receive the best reviews.

5)      Follow up with Email

Very often, it’s not enough to ask for a review. You will receive more endorsements if you follow up with customers after the completion of a project.

While you could send a generic email to all your past customers, you will likely experience better results if you send personalized emails to happy customers. In the email, you should include a clear call-to-action that outlines easy steps to follow to complete a testimonial.

After you receive a review, ask for your client’s permission to make their recommendation public. Finally, let them how much you value their business and their support.

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