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If you have never done it before, social media strategy may seem like a foreign concept. Many contractors wonder how they can build a strong online following without much knowledge of the subject. Luckily, even if you’ve never posted before, it’s easy to learn.

How to Approach Business Social Media Strategy

1)      Review your company’s online appearance

Today, a business’ online presence is often the first impression a customer receives. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, social media accounts matter.

In recent years, social media platforms have come a long way to being a business promotion tool. They can now be customized and easily updated to include attractive features, like:

  • A header image
  • A business logo
  • Photo galleries
  • Videos
  • Graphics

2)      Research competitors social patterns

Social media strategy may be approached in much the same way as other business enterprises. Begin by taking a good look around at what competitors are already doing. You can learn from how they style their social pages, what messages they write, what types of content they share and more.

If this is your business’ first exposure to social media, you can also look beyond your competitors to how big brands in your industry approach the medium.

3)      Complete your Profiles

Far too many business social media pages don’t take advantage of all the available optimization options.

For example, a Twitter page without a website link doesn’t give a customer the opportunity to take the next step. On social media networks, like Facebook, you have the ability to add a phone number, business address, short bio or other pertinent information.

social media strategy

4)      Develop your company’s voice

Before starting to post, take a step back to figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it. Whether you choose to be funny, serious or somewhere in the middle, focus on writing posts that are short and informative.

Next, decide how much of your social media strategy you want to devote to being promotional, educational or entertaining. Your strategy should vary according to social network. For example, entertaining content may perform better on Facebook, while educational content might be better suited for LinkedIn.

5)      Be positive and engaging

While you are using social media to promote your contracting company, your followers are often there as a fun distraction from their day. They are looking for a quick update, tip or laugh. Whatever you choose to say, be friendly, positive and upbeat.

As you build an online community, interaction will become very important. Each like, comment or share could lead to greater exposure for your business.

You can boost this interaction by posting engaging content. For example, many businesses post funny memes on Friday to welcome the weekend. Or, you could even invite more participation by asking your audience a question.

Lastly, it’s important your accounts appear as professional as possible, including using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember, every post could be the one to bring in your next big customer.

social media strategy