How to Protect Your Business with Snow Plow Insurance
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Snow hasn’t started falling… yet. That might be troublesome for those of you who are snow removal contractors but, don’t worry, it will start falling soon. And once it does, we’re sure your fleet will be ready. But, what happens when you run into your first bit of trouble this winter? Trouble that could take a few of your vehicles (or vehicle, if you only have one) off the road. To avoid such a traumatic experience, you may want to consider acquiring snow plow insurance. And here’s why.

Snow Plow Insurance

If you own a snowplow (or fleet of snow plows) you will likely need to attach a snow plow insurance policy to your commercial auto and truck policy. Insuring your snow plow might also be required by law (depending on local and state regulations) so be sure to check with your provider before you send your fleet onto the road this winter. You do not want to have to deal with the fines associated with uninsured vehicles. The good part is most states require you to have insurance before you can obtain a permit so you shouldn’t have to worry too much if you’re unsure as to whether or not you are covered. But, it’s still worth checking up on. As with most niche policies there are a variety of coverages that you can apply to your sun plow insurance policy. Listed below are a few of the most popular coverages that people apply towards said policy.

  • Liability Insurance – you are legally required to carry liability insurance in most states (and in most contracts as well). This coverage is designed to protect you in the event that someone is injured as a result of actions taken by your company (by paying for their medical expenses). It also covers any accidental damage your plows or employees may cause.
  • Collision – Whenever you are operating a vehicle there is always a chance of a collision (no matter how careful you are). And damage from auto collisions can get expensive. With collision coverage you won’t have to worry about the cost of repairing your snow plow, your insurance provider has got it covered.

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