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If you’re like most people, you don’t go anywhere without your smartphone. You rely on it not just to communicate but to make your life more efficient and squeeze more out of each minute in the day. If you work in construction, the following construction apps will significantly boost your productivity, cut costs and even help keep you safe on the job.

Must-Have Construction Apps


Fieldwire is a free Android-, iPad- and iPhone-compatible app that allows you to view blueprints and manage tasks quickly and conveniently in the field. The app makes it easy to share photos, files, floor plans, markups and requests for information. Since this can all be done from the job site, you’re able to cut down on your time spent behind a desk.

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OSHA Heat Safety Tool

Construction workers are at high risk for heat-related illnesses, including heat stroke. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created the Heat Safety Tool app (available in English and Spanish) so Android and iPhone users can monitor the heat index on a job site, then issue automatic protective reminders as the risk increases. Use this invaluable app to remind your team of the dangers of extreme heat so they can take precautions to stay safe.


Contractors and architects, how do you feel about potentially saving up to 15 hours in the field per week? With this app, your team can share plans, markups, pictures and reports with each other remotely from your desktops, smartphones or any other mobile devices. Create punch lists, sync notes, back up all your documents, receive instant notifications when plans change and more. PlanGrid is an easy to use tool to facilitate collaboration.

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Fall Safety

Falls are the number one cause of construction accident deaths. When a worker falls, fast response time is critical. Mere moments can mean the difference between a positive outcome or serious injury or death. For a minimal fee of about $5 per month, the Fall Safety app detects probable falls and issues an alarm allowing the potential victim 45 seconds to signal a false alarm. Without a false alarm signal, the app sounds a loud alarm and alerts designated emergency contacts with the subject’s GPS location so emergency personnel can quickly find the victim.


The JobFLEX app lets you create price quotes and estimates within minutes and deliver them in real time. Choose what categories are included in quotes and personalize them with photos and a sharp-looking custom cover page. Why do it at the office when you can do it on your phone?

Want to work smarter and safer? Download these must-have construction apps today!

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