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A promotion to construction manager is a big step up the ladder, but it also comes with a truck load of new responsibility. If you are managing a construction team for the first time, you can use these five tips to smooth the transition.

How to be a Stronger Construction Manager

1)      Learn Everything about your Business

To be an effective manager, you need to know your construction company from front to back. You should know all the roles and responsibilities of everyone on your crew. From who is driving the truck to what must be cleaned up at the end of the day, you should be aware of what is happening at every moment. This knowledge will help you become more of an efficient leader.

2)      Develop Time Management Skills

Time management skills are also more critical for managers. Team leaders are typically tasked with picking up more of the slack than a rank-and-file worker. With more to do in less time, there is a greater need to plan out your day, week or even month on a calendar.

construction manager

3)      Be a Motivator and a Leader

Now that you are in a position of responsibility, it’s your job to inspire your team to work harder. The most effective construction managers are great motivators and leaders.

Once you take over as manager, one of your new roles is to be a positive example for the whole company. Employees will notice how you act and likely follow your lead.

4)      Get your Hands Dirty

You may be a leader now, but that doesn’t mean you can sit with your feet up on your desk all day. Instead, stay involved with the central tasks of the business. In the skilled trades, employees have greater respect for leaders who are willing to get their hands dirty.

Construction Manager

5)      Learn to Delegate

As a rookie construction manager, you may feel the urge to be involved in every aspect of all of your team’s projects. However, the reality is you cannot be everywhere at once.

This is why it is crucial to learn how to delegate some of your tasks to other team members. For example, you could hold another employee responsible for looking after simplier, like setting up the job site each day.

As you take over running a construction crew, use these five tips to help build your reputation as a strong leader.

construction manager