Roofing Contractor General Liability Insurance
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Although roofers do not need Roofing Contractors General Liability Insurance in order to make a bid, at some point or other someone will step in and start asking for requirements.  It could be the business owner, the local government or someone else – but either way you will eventually have to provide some form of liability insurance in order to get started with your work.

Roofing Contractors General Liability Insurance

Depending n the level of coverage you need, insurance prices can vary for roofing contractors.  It is not unusual for home or building owners to require $1,000,000 in general liability in order to get the authority to start work.  That is why most insurance companies offer several plans for you to choose from – all with varying pricing.  If you are a smaller company, one that is just getting their feet off the ground, opt for a less expensive package to keep costs down.  Typically, companies will also allow you to pay things off over the course of the year in small installments.

Contractor and Artisan Insurance Policy Coverage

Contractor and Artisan Insurance policy coverage’s focus on a general slew of law suits.  In the case of roofing contractors, coverage will protect you and your company assets by providing a defense lawyer in the event that you have a claim filed against the company.  Most suits will involve some sort of negligent claim – stating that your company was at fault for something that happened.  That is what insurance agents are there for.  They give you the best chance to fight any case and protect what you worked hard to achieve.

Liability Coverage

Coverage’s for roofing contractors including five basic categories for liability. They include bodily injury, completed operations and products liability, personal injury, advertising injury, and medical payments.  These coverage’s typically are sufficient enough to protect your business but there are times where more insurance is not only recommended, but required.  If you are still unsure about the level of coverage your roofing contracting business needs, don’t hesitate to contact one of our insurance professionals today.  We would be more than happy to educate you on Roofing Contractor General Liability Insurance.

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