construction delays
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Construction delays are one of the most troublesome issues a contractor can face. Although some delays are unavoidable, your company will benefit from a strategy to stop work disruptions before they start.

How to Prevent Construction Delays in Advance

1)      Plan Ahead

Construction delays don’t usually happen without a reason. They can start with simple mistakes early in the process. If you want to stay on schedule, you need to start planning before you put a shovel in the ground.

Before your next project, establish a clear timeline. This should include dates for the start and end of the project and significant milestones along the way.

Since you never know what may happen in construction work, it helps to plan for the unexpected. For example, you could build a few days into your timeline in case materials are late.

construction delays

2)      Assign Roles and Responsibilities

A well-structured construction team tends to face fewer delays. By establishing roles and responsibilities for every employee, your team can function more efficiently. For example, every team needs a construction manager to coordinate labor and materials.

Roles and responsibilities eliminate confusion over tasks and help distribute work evenly. Then, once you know every worker’s role, you will be better able to hold them accountable.

If you are working with subcontractors or temporary employees, it will also help to have a structure in place that establishes what needs to be done by whom and when.

construction delays

3)      Practice Clear Communication

One of the major reasons for construction delays is poor communication. Even the most minor mix-ups have the potential to throw the whole job off-schedule. For example, a miscommunication about the budget could easily throw a wrench in the project down the line.

The best policy is to clearly communicate the timeline to all stakeholders well before the job begins. You should do this both in print and orally. This strategy will keep everyone on the same page throughout the project.

Contractors who encourage open communication on the job site also tend to learn earlier about problems, like broken equipment, that could significantly set back a project.

Since construction delays can hurt your overall reputation, every contractor can benefit from working hard to avoid them. These three simple tips will help get back on track.

construction delays