Plumbers Insurance
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Flushing things down the drain is part of the territory for a plumber, but that’s never where you’d want your profits to go. To make sure you keep your plumbing company’s assets safe, you need to make sure you have the appropriate plumbers insurance to cover your needs. Every business is difference, so you need a policy that’s designed just for you, to make sure everything you have is protected.

What if a home or business at which you’ve done work subsequently becomes flooded? What if your company van is in an accident and someone is injured? Accidents happen, and these concerns require preemptive attention to ensure that if they become reality, you have protection against them. Keep your business from going under as a result of these kinds of incidents by obtaining the right coverage.

Business property insurance is important for plumbers, because you have a large arsenal of tools and materials that are important for doing your job. This type of plumbers insurance will cover any property that becomes damaged or destroyed, such as your inventory and supplies, but even extends to your property that indirectly runs your business, such as your office appliances, computers, etc. Your property insurance also protects you against theft of these materials, and will pay to replace them should they be stolen.

Commercial vehicle insurance is key for any company that uses commercial vehicles, which virtually all plumbers do. Plumbers insurance to cover vehicles protects your business from being sued if your vehicle is involved in an accident. The liability of an auto accident can be incredibly expensive, so having enough insurance to cover any potential costs is crucial for your business.

Inland marine insurance is specifically geared toward plumbing and other similar industries. Plumbers insurance for inland marine coverage protects a company’s plumbing tools and inventory when they’re in transit, at the work site, or in storage. This protection is against theft and damage.

Having the right plumbers insurance keeps your business afloat. If you own a plumbing company, keep these types of insurance in mind while making decisions to protect your business!