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Every painting contractor, both big and small, should consider some sort of insurance for their business.  Painting insurance can protect you from loss in the event of paint spills, slips that occur on site, or property damage.  If you have employees who work for you, there could even be issues if they get injured on the job.  Any one of these things are potential problems that could be hard to overcome without some sort of insurance.

Types of painting insurance include general liability, workers compensation, or commercial vehicle insurance.  General liability protects you on the most basic level.  Workers compensation will protect you if someone gets hurt while at work.  While, vehicle insurance will cover you in the event of something happening to your work van, be it theft or an accident.

There are many types of contractors that could be considered for Painting Insurance.  Some examples of good candidates for Painters Insurance are painting contractors, construction companies, Builders, Remodelers, Renovators, Developers, Housing Contractors, General Contractors, and Handymen.  Regardless of who you are its important to be keen on the laws regarding painting insurance.  They vary by state, so make sure you have enough liability to be covered and protected.

We know what your business means to you.  Stay protected at all times.  Call us today, we would be happy to help with any questions you have.

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