Prevent Backovers with these OSHA Contractor Safety Tips
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Thus far, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter. There has been very little snow, plenty of rain and overall, just overcast and dreary weather. The good news is that we don’t expect that to last for too much longer (which is a good thing if you are a snow removal contractor). The bad news is that winter, though good for business, brings a lot of inherent danger, danger (like backovers) that could bring down your business if you’re not careful. That’s why we have included these OSHA contractor safety tips which should keep you, your employees and your business safe this holiday season.

OSHA Contractor Safety – How to Prevent Backovers

Before we talk about how to prevent backovers, maybe we should tell you what they are. Backovers occur when a backing vehicle strikes a worker who is standing behind your company vehicle. While you might think that you would never hit one of your employees it happens more often than you might assume. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 70 of these incidents resulted in a death in 2011. So, even though this may not have happened to you, backovers do happen enough to be considered a serious issue (which is why we have included it in our OSHA contractor safety tips).

So, since we know backovers are an issue, what can we do to prevent them? There are a variety of prevention options but, what you ultimately decide to do will depend on your business and how much you would like to spend to keep your employees safe. Listed below are a few of those OSHA contractor safety options that you can choose from.

  • Use a spotter to help backup your vehicle (but make sure they are not standing directly behind your vehicle)
  • Proper training on the location of vehicle blind spots and how to avoid being in them (check out these diagrams)
  • Video cameras with in-vehicle display (so drivers can see what’s behind them)
  • Tag based systems that your employees wear and will alert the driver if an employee is standing behind the vehicle

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