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The New York City Department of Buildings recently delayed a new safety training initiative that was created in response to an increase in work-related fatalities. Originally scheduled to take effect on December 1, this NYC construction safety training requirement now mandates that all workers complete 30 hours of instruction by June 1, 2019.

NYC Construction Safety Deadline Pushed Back

After some contractors made objections, New York City pushed back the implementation of Local Law 196 an extra six months. The law applies to workers at all sites for which the Department of Buildings requires construction superintendents, site-safety coordinators or site-safety managers.

“In consultation with stakeholders in the construction industry, including the Site Safety Training Task Force, we are extending these deadlines to give city construction workers more time to get the training they need to stay safe on the job,” said Buildings Commissioner Rick D. Chandler. “Once the new June 2019 deadline kicks in, workers will be able to satisfy Local Law 196 requirements until late 2020 simply by completing an OSHA 30 training course.”

nyc construction safety

Training Requirements Stay the Same

Even though the deadline has changed, the NYC construction safety training requirements stay in place.

  • City construction workers must complete 30 hours of safety training
  • Construction supervisors must have 62 hours of training

The final deadline for Local Law 196 has also been delayed. Now, construction workers will be required to have 40 hours of safety training by September 1, 2020.

“The original December deadline would have posed a major challenge for legitimate contractors, regardless of if they are open shop or union, who were trying to utilize qualified, competent and approved DOB providers,” said Brian Sampson, President of the Empire Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. “Further, it was also creating issues for people trying to obtain the required training to improve their ability to get into our industry.”

nyc construction safety


How Workers Can Satisfy the new Standards

There are several ways contractors can satisfy the NYC construction safety training requirement.

  • 30-hour safety course approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • 10-hour OSHA course plus 20 hours of training in fall prevention and other safety precautions
  • DOB-approved 100-hour training program, like those courses union apprentices normally complete

In order to meet the NYC construction safety training requirements, workers must use course providers that have been approved by the city. If you own a small construction business, you may be eligible for free training.

Although the deadline has been pushed back, all New York contractors can benefit from planning ahead in order to be in compliance by June 1.

nyc construction safety