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Today, employment in the skilled trades is as competitive as ever. And, as the work opportunities increase across the Tri-State area, employers must become more aggressive and creative to find top workers. If you are looking to fill openings with skilled NYC carpenters, try using these selling points to help seal the deal.

NYC Carpenters Enjoy many Advantages

nyc carpenters

1)      Earnings Potential

The carpentry profession offers incredible earnings potential these days. Many workers in this industry are paid well above the national average. The best paid carpenters earn nearly $80,000 a year. The average salary for NYC carpenters ranges from $60,380 to $69,970.

In 2016, the average yearly wages in the carpentry industry were:

  • Construction supervisors (including lead carpenters): $68,040
  • Journeyman carpenters: $48,340
  • Cabinetmakers: $34,800
  • Furniture finishers: $32,330
  • Woodworking machine operators: $29,850
  • Carpenters’ helpers: $27,230

These jobs may also offer employer benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation and retirement savings plans.

2)      A Variety of Job Paths

Carpentry is a versatile career path, which gives workers many possibilities for employment. With some basic training, an individual has the opportunity to choose a specialty that aligns with their individual interests and abilities.

Some common carpentry career paths include:

  • Framing and residential carpenter
  • Commercial carpenter
  • Industrial carpenter
  • Bench carpenter or cabinetmaker
  • Carpentry assistant
  • Furniture furnisher
  • Woodworking machine operator

nyc carpenters

3)      Growth Potential

Carpentry is a growing industry both locally and across the country. From older buildings to new construction, NYC carpenters are in high demand for remodeling and renovation projects. In addition, an increasing number of new public infrastructure projects will likely create more jobs in the profession as a whole.

In 2016, there were more than one million employed carpenters. That number is projected to rise by approximately 87,000 jobs in the next decade. As older workers retire, it’s expected that about a million jobs will also become vacant.

4)      Enjoyment and Satisfaction

For someone who likes to build things with their hands, carpentry can be a very satisfying and enjoyable job. The work, which focus on skill, precision and creative ingenuity, is both challenging and rewarding. It also gives workers the opportunity to develop a skill set that is useful in many other aspects of life. For example, the need to concentrate fully on the task at hand can offer many of the same benefits as meditation.

nyc carpenters

5)      The Best City in the World

There’s no better place than the Big Apple to be a carpenter. With many major projects currently underway or planned, there is plenty of opportunity in this skilled trade. From commercial to industrial work, NYC carpenters have it made.

If you are planning to hire in the New Year, you may be able to attract the right candidates with these five selling points.

nyc carpenters